Wills and Estate Planning Adelaide: Estate Planning In Adelaide For Same-Sex Couples

Estate planning is one of many legal issues facing lesbian and gay couples. Increasing numbers of LGBT parents are raising children.

Estate Planning In Adelaide For Same-Sex Couples

In the law, there are recognised categories of parenthood, including biological (genetic), gestational, surrogate, and social.
Children raised by same-sex parents may be the product of adoption, artificial insemination, surrogate birth, or biological parenthood, yet in most cases only one partner is recognised as the legal parent, with the other parent remaining a legal stranger to the child.

The phrase “nuclear family” has traditionally referred to a married heterosexual couple raising their own biological children. Nowadays, more children are living in non-traditional families than ever before. This can lead to tricky legal issues if the couple ends their relationship and the non–legally recognised parent tries to maintain contact with the child.

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Accident Compensation Lawyer Adelaide: Common Categories Of Compensation

Accident Compensation in Adelaide has become more complex since 1st July 2013 when the government of South Australia changed the laws and procedures. Accidents and personal injuries can happen at any time. They can cause huge implications on different dimensions of your life as a family. A significant accident injury can be life changing and…

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Probate and Estate Administration Adelaide: Some Interesting Cases

Estate Planning: Some Interesting Cases

Hornby v Cavenagh

Supreme Court of NSW

This was a claim under the New South Wales equivalent of the Inheritance (Family Provision) Act. The plaintiff was a niece of the deceased and sought to show that she was an eligible person to make a claim under the Act. To satisfy the requirement of an eligible person, the plaintiff had to show that there was some dependency on the deceased, and that she was a member of the deceased’s household.

Although the plaintiff had resided in the same household as the deceased for four years during the 1980s and was partly dependent on the deceased in this time, the relationship in the last 12 years of the deceased’s life was not close.

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Wills and Estate Planning Adelaide: More Adelaide Pet Owners Include Animals in Their Wills

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Senior lawyer specialising in estate planning and Wills in Adelaide.

Rod Genders from Genders and Partners, the oldest law firm in South Australia, says that state law does not permit animals to be direct beneficiaries of a Will, as the law regards the animals themselves as property.

However, caring pet owners can leave money for their pets in pet trusts with provisions for how it is to be spent on the pet.

As our population ages and fewer couples have children, there has been an attitude shift where many people have come to view their animals less as pets and more as members of the family.

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Accident Compensation Lawyer Adelaide: How to Make a Successful Accident Injury Claim in Adelaide

How to Make a Successful Accident Injury Claim in Adelaide

Accident injury claims in Adelaide are a lot more complex and difficult than they used to be. The South Australian government changed the compensation laws and procedures on 1st July 2013.  Many potential claims will be affected by the changes, and some people could be misled into believing they no longer have a claim at all.

The first thing you should do is seek the advice of a senior lawyer who specialises in accident injury claims, who can help you get just compensation for the harm inflicted upon you and your family.

Every year, thousands of people in Adelaide and from all over South Australia are caught up in accidents. Hundreds of these result to deaths, while thousands more result in a wide range of personal injury. Regardless of the cause, if you are the victim of some form of injury, you owe it to your family to take advice about your options for fair and equitable compensation for the damage done to you.