Pauline & Bill M. 24 May 2023 – A married couple needed to administer the deceased estate of her mother, which prompted them to put their own affairs in order. They could see how much easier it was to administer a deceased estate with a well-made and up-to-date Will, and they wanted to ensure that they left an easy time of it for their own kids, when the time comes. And so it goes for each generation.

pauline and bill m testimonial


Ashleigh. B – 14.01.11 – A married couple who needed help with a modern integrated estate plan, to plan for the future for themselves and their family.



Bob. O – 15.02.11 – In their retirement, Bob’s parents had an unusual accident claim involving public nuisance nearly 30 years ago. We assisted them to get a very satisfactory result, and then created their Wills and estate plan for them. Time passed, and following their deaths many years later, we assisted their son Bob to administer the deceased estate of his father. This is just one of many examples where we have helped generations of South Australian families.



Chris. L – 19.09.11 – needed assistance in the administration of his father’s deceased estate. A homemade Will with some specific legal issues, different cultural expectations and many family members meant that this estate had the potential to be difficult and expensive. We were able to sort everything out more quickly & smoothly than Chris had expected.



Chris. P – 24.02.12 – Chris and her partner had a blended family (children from previous relationships). Their Wills & estate plan needed special care & attention which we were delighted to provide for them, so that they can enjoy peace-of-mind by putting their affairs in proper order.



Florence. B – 07.06.12 – wanted the security of knowing that her affairs are in order. We helped her to create a fully integrated modern estate plan.



Gweneth & Robert. W – 16.06.12 – A married couple who had made Wills elsewhere a while ago, and then recognised the importance of bringing them up to date. We helped them gain the peace-of-mind that a modern integrated estate plan can bring.


John & Margaret. W – 14.10.11 – appreciated the benefit of a smooth and prompt administration of their mum’s estate, because their mum had created her estate plan with us and kept it up to date with an EstatePlanner Maintenance plan.

Josh. K – 14.05.11 – A young dad injured in a car accident, concerned about his ability to obtain alternate employment when he couldn’t work with the injuries and impairment he received in the crash. We helped him gain a satisfactory settlement allowed him to look forward to a better future for himself and his family.


Joyce. R – 23.05.12 – A lovely lady – now a widow – was grateful for our assistance with her estate planning.


Judith. S – 15.03.12 –knows the value of having a trusted family legal adviser.


June. W – 15.02.12 – appreciated our calm and methodical approach to estate planning, so she did not feel rushed.


Lindsay. S – 24.01.12 – A father and son both injured in the same car accident were grateful for the satisfactory settlements we assisted them to obtain.


Liz. H – 13.06.12 – values our respectful approach over many years.


Maria. C – 25.10.10 – appreciated our assistance regarding her mother’s estate administration, as well as her own estate planning. Another example of how we are helping generations of South Australians.


Monique. H – 16.02.12 – had a bad car accident and suffered greatly from the injuries and disabilities which resulted from it. Her ability to earn a living and care for her family were affected, and she was grateful for our help to obtain a satisfactory settlement, which represented freedom, choices, independence and quality of life to her.


Pat. D – 18.09.12 – liked how we made sure she clearly understood all aspects of the estate plan we created for her, so that there was no confusion.


Rosemary. F – 03.11.11 – was relaxed, calm & comfortable with our estate planning services.


Trish. L – 14.11.11 – was happy that we helped her to put her affairs in order, and carefully explained to her daughter what to do and how the pieces of a modern integrated estate plan work together.


Alan. M – 03.12.08 – A challenging accident claim where the injuries to Alan greatly affected the operations of his small business. Preparing and presenting a claim such as this requires special expertise, and we were pleased with the satisfactory settlement we were able to achieve for him. He & his family were relieved and pleased to be able to look forward with confidence to their future.


Alex. C – 11.08.08 – A young lady whose accident claim was complex and challenging, received a satisfactory settlement which allowed her to close an unfortunate chapter in her life, and look forward with confidence to better times. We had to fight hard for her, and are proud of the result we achieved for her.


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