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Founded in 1848, Genders & Partners are the oldest law firm in South Australia, and one of the oldest in the whole of Australia. We are still family-owned and operated after three generations. A business cannot remain in business for that long without doing a lot of things right to earn & keep the trust of its clients.


We have the experience and the track record to help you. Genders and Partners have over 160 years experience in helping South Australians. Get prompt and expert advice to help you through this difficult time – we are here to help you.


We hold the state record for the highest-ever personal injury compensation award in South Australia. We have testimonials from dozens of happy clients who are satisfied with our services.


Our managing director Rod Genders is the 3rd generation of Genders in the law and has been practising specialised law since the mid 80’s. He has acted as counsel or consultant to in excess of 50 other firms around Australia.

He holds the SA state record for the highest ever personal injury award of damages, and has been involved in several of the largest personal injury claims in Australian legal history.

For over a decade he served on the Council of the Law Society of South Australia and is a senior member of its Succession Law Committee.

He is a member of the London-based international Society of Trusts and Estate Practitioners and serves on local and international committee of that prestigious organisation.

For over 20 years he has chaired a private committee enquiring into the affairs of protected persons.

He is a member of the Notaries Society of South Australia, the Law Council of Australia and an associate member of the American Bar Association.

We have extensive experience in settling personal injury claims like yours. In the vast majority of claims handled by us, settlement is achieved without the need to go to Court.


We pride ourselves upon our integrity, personal service and professionalism. Genders and Partners comply with the strictest ethical guidelines from the Law Society of South Australia, including regarding our marketing and advertising.


We contribute to state, national and international specialist legal committees and forums to constantly improve our specialised knowledge of legal developments and world’s best practice in our areas of law. We strive for excellence in everything we do.


We don’t try to dabble in many areas of law. We specialise in Accident Compensation, Wills and Estate Planning and Administration of Deceased Estates. We give pragmatic specialist advice that is easy-to-understand. Benefit from the assistance of our winning team of dedicated and caring professionals who will take the time to understand your needs and concerns


We’re not a legal factory – we are a boutique specialist firm. We listen and take the trouble to understand your needs, and give you friendly and sensible advice. We keep you informed of progress in your matter so you always know where you stand. We provide personal care and attention in all aspects of your claim.


Some lawyers have a reputation of seeming to be a bit intimidating and remote – but you’ll be pleasantly surprised how approachable and down-to-earth we are at Genders and Partners.


Some lawyers have the reputation of being difficult to contact – not returning phone calls, etc. At Genders and Partners we make a point of always responding promptly to all communications. We can be contacted by whatever method makes you most comfortable:- phone (with 24 hour messaging), email, fax, mail, website, blog and social media.

FREE newsletters, articles and books

All our clients receive access to our free newsletters, blog articles and e-books.

Free first interview

We can talk with you on the phone or in person for up to approximately 40 minutes. There is no fee for this first interview*, whether or not you decide to formally instruct us, and there is no obligation upon you to instruct us. This brief interview will be an opportunity to see if we are comfortable working with each other, for you to ask questions, and to assist you decide upon a plan for further action.


We welcome your constructive feedback as a way of continually improving our services.


We have a long history of lots of satisfied clients having assisted many thousands of clients over our 160 years in all aspects of Accident Compensation, Wills and Estate Planning and Deceased Estate Administration Law. We publish many testimonials from happy clients.

Genders and Partners comply with the strictest ethical guidelines from the Law Society of South Australia, including regarding our marketing and advertising. We confirm that:

  • All testimonials used on this website are genuine and verifiable.

  • All testimonials used on this website are real statements and endorsements from past and current clients of this firm.

  • No inducement or reward has been offered or provided in return for these testimonials.

  • The full names have been omitted as a privacy measure.


We tell you what we’re going to do before we do it. We say what we mean, and we mean what we say. we speak openly about costs from our first meeting There’s no need to be scared about our legal costs. We will be up-front, direct and honest with you from the get-go, so you will know what to expect.

Social media

We recognise the need to adapt to changing times, and so we provide multiple social media forums for our clients and their families and friends to share thoughts. We have pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. We also have a lot of articles on our blog. We welcome your feedback and are happy to comment on your posts and likes.


Yes, we will fight very hard for you when it really matters. This is shown by our long history of holding the state record for the highest-ever personal injury compensation award in South Australia. But we won’t be needlessly combative, or ridiculously confrontational.

No win no fee

Our No Win No Fee* policy for accident compensation claims means that if you follow our advice but lose your claim, then you will only have to pay to us our out-of-pocket expenses – you would not have to pay our professional fees.


Can’t get to us? No problem. We now offer home or office visits to many areas in the Adelaide metropolitan area at no additional cost. Call us on 08 8212 7233 to enquire further.

NEED ADVICE? JUST ASK US A QUESTION. (replies during business hours)