Wills &
Estate Planning

Genders and Partners | Wills and Estate Planning - Lawyer Adelaide

A Will alone is just one piece of puzzle. Put your affairs in order, and learn how to protect yourself , your family and your assets with modern integrated estate planning.

Probate &
Estate Administration

Genders and Partners | Probate and Estate Administration - Lawyer Adelaide

Sorting out the estate of your deceased loved one can be as smooth and efficient process as possible with the specialist advice and representation you need.

Trusts &

Genders and Partners | Trusts and Guardianship

The positions of Trustee, Guardian or Agent under Power-of-Attorney take a great deal of care & responsibility. Specialist professional assistance can make all the difference. Manage that SACAT application with confidence.

Inheritance Claims &
Contested Estates

Genders and Partners | Inheritance Claims and Contested Estates

Sometimes people are disappointed with the contents of someone’s Will, or there are doubts about the health & capacity of the person who made it. Get the right advice before things get out of control.