I am so pleased with the work you have done for Me regarding obtaining Probate for my Mother in Laws estate. I was at a loss as to how to proceed with such a task as Mother in Adelaide and me in Sydney… I was lucky enough to Find Rod and Lyn Genders.. after one meeting with them they proceeded to manage things with ease and all communications both verbal and then written were absolutely clear and precise. I would recommend them at any time …. I am needing some additional advise on wills and such matters and I will be in contact with Genders and Partners.

Greg H.2nd August 2023

Genders and Partners came highly recommended to my family for estate planning. Throughout the entire process, Rod Genders was extremely professional and demonstrated great care providing us with clear, straightforward advice and organised all documentation within a very short timeframe.

We were extremely impressed with Rod’s knowledge, integrity and care and would recommend Genders and Partners to all.

Rachel R.16th April 2023

We have no hesitation in recommending Rod Genders for any assistance with a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney, Advance Care Directive or any other matters relating to this area of law. We became aware of Genders and Partners via Facebook.

Then it took less than a fortnight from our first introductory phone call to the signing of our completed Wills. One main concern was to avoid family legal challenges and we followed Rod’s clear advice on that and other matters.

The completed Wills were written so that we could easily understand as were the Enduring Powers of Attorney and Advance Care Directives. We were most impressed with the reasonable price packages, the thoroughness and attention to detail and importantly, the knowledge and professionalism evident it the manner our queries were treated and answered.

A real bonus was the accompanying literature, the “how to” guides and other advice.

Kerron and Chris G.7th February 2023

My husband and I are so thankful that we became aware of Genders and Partners via Facebook, as after our first meeting with Rod Genders, it became clear that our existing Wills and Enduring Power of Attorneys were flawed. This could have resulted in disastrous consequences in the future.

Rod prepared Wills that were reduced in length and eliminated the legalese and complexity. In other words, they were written so that we could easily understand what was being stated.

The Enduring Power of Attorney and Advance Care Directive for each of us, were equally prepared with easy to understand language.

At our second meeting, we met with Rod and his paralegal wife Lyn to go through the documents for signature. We were most impressed that Rod explained each and every paragraph to us before signing, rather than just presenting us with documents and saying “sign here”.

The fact that Genders and Partners is the oldest law firm in South Australia gave us great comfort that the firm will be around for a long time to come.

My husband and I have no hesitation in recommending Rod Genders for any assistance with a Will, Enduring Power of Attorney, Advance Care Directive or any other matters relating to this area of law.

Mr and Mrs A.16th November 2022

In my discussions with Rod I quickly learned that he has a profound knowledge of the complexities of will making. Not just about wills, but also the sometimes very complicated legal ramifications arising from naïve assumptions that a person making or updating a will can entertain. The worst outcome for distribution of a deceased estate is for subsequent family legal challenges arising from a poorly crafted document. Reducing this risk to a minimum is where experts like Rod come into their own. I highly recommend Rod to you

John B.13th April 2022

Thankfully our late mum chose Genders and Partners to handle her legal affairs , both Lyn & Rod walked us through the process of probate and any legal situations that could and would arise . Their fees were fair for the volume of legal work that needed to be carried out and were detailed to the cent in their invoice. Thanks again Lyn & Rod for your professionalism and will willingly recommend you to our family and friends.

Philip G.17th November 2020

Our family were extremely happy with the Prompt, Friendly and Professional service provided by both Rod and lyn in the handling of our late Mothers estate. Would highly recommend there services to anyone in need.

Glenn D.28th November 2020

We used Genders and Partners for the probate on my mother’s will.

From the initial contact I was very impressed by Rod and his team both in terms of his professionalism in providing advice to the issues at hand, as well as the timeliness in both response times when queries were raised and in the actual steps involved in probate.

I was particularly impressed with the range of set and variable price options offered dependant on whether one was happy for Genders and Partners to do all the work involved, or whether some preliminary work was done by the Executors of the estate.

The documentation provided by Rod prior to a decision being made as to whether to utilise their services was both clear and concise and I believe enabled us to make an informed decision on not only to engage them to handle the probate but also which level of service we required.

In the event we elected to go with the package that required Genders and Partners to do all the work and found the set price very reasonable.

Rod was excellent in explaining the various steps, issues that may arise requiring attention and the anticipated timelines during each step of the process. Queries raised via email were replied to in a timely fashion either by Rod or one of his associates.

In summary should you want a law firm that provides a professional yet friendly approach, timeliness and value for money Genders and Partners certainly tick all the boxes.

Steve D.8th October 2020

Rod was recommended to us by the Nature Foundation, an organisation we already support and trust.

We were very lucky in that the recommendation came just as we were planning to update our current wills. The company who did our previous wills offered a fixed quote for what we considered to be three minor changes.

Rod quoted a similar figure, but it was for completely new Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Advanced Care Directives for each of us. That quote did include discounts for being members of Nature Foundation as well as having them as one of our beneficiaries. Since we already met those criteria, no further outlay was needed to receive the discount.

This is our fifth Will. We are confident that it is by far the most complete and the easiest to understand of any of our previous attempts.

Rod patiently explained each proposed change, the reasons behind it, and the implication for our executors. His priority was that what we wanted to occur was translated into the legal wording needed to ensure that this would happen.

Rod made what can be difficult and frustrating into something that, while not simple, was much easier than we had feared. In fact, the major problem we had during the whole process was getting the proper wording from the charities that we wanted to be beneficiaries.

Even Rod can’t help that! Obviously we thought each of the previous Wills were accurate at the time they were written. Under Rod’s professional guidance, we were shown various gaps and possible interpretations that would have meant that there could have been legal obstacles in carrying out our wishes.

With Rod’s expertise in dealing with estate issues, we are now assured that all is how we intended. Rod is professional, patient, and determined that what he is suggesting is completely understood.

He not only answered all of our questions (and there were many), but also reassured us that any further questions were welcome, and would be answered at no further charge. In addition, he allows us to make changes within a year with no additional fees.

Again, his priority is that his work is correct. Rod was also consistently punctual for every meeting we had, whether it was a phone call, Zoom meeting, or the one face to face meeting needed to witness signatures. This curtesy was appreciated and is worthy of mention.

It took less than a fortnight from our first introductory phone call to the signing of our completed Wills. Most of that time was spent researching the charities’ required wording. Without that, the whole process would have been completed in only a few days.

We have no hesitation in recommending Rod to anyone who wants an efficient, professional, knowledgable, and patient solicitor to help in writing these important documents.

Ken H.9th October 2020

When contacting Mr Rod Genders, he was very quick to respond. He was also very accommodating to our needs. Mr Gender’s personality was such that he knew exactly what we needed, and he is very knowledgeable as to everything regarding Wills and testamentary needs. He also has an easy personality, easy to talk to and very easy to contact re any issues we had and we know if we have any issues we can contact him if we need to. Thanks for your help.

Vicki A.2nd October 2020