How to Leave a Google Review




(You do not need a Gmail account to leave a Google review. All you need is some kind of Google account, like YouTube, Google Play, Google Drive, Gmail etc – and you can get any of these accounts using your own non-Gmail email address.)
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Get a free Gmail address.

This is easy to do and takes just 1 – 2 minutes. Click here to sign up for Gmail

This creates a free Google Account which you can use for other free Google products like YouTube, Google Play, and Google Drive.

When done, then post your review




How to Leave a Google Review Using Mobile Phone

1. Use the “Google Maps” app on your smartphone. Android users have this App installed by default.

If you can’t find it, or if you are on a different platform (iPhone, Windows Mobile etc), go to your App Store and download and install this app.

2. Open the Google Maps App on your iPhone, Android phone, iPad or tablet.

A) Type in the [business name] [city]. ie Genders lawyers Adelaide.

You can also use your current location to find a business listing if youare at the place of business while leaving the review.

google maps review screenshot

B) Select the Business listing.

google maps review screenshot 2

C) Scroll down and click on the “Rate and Review” section.

google maps review screenshot 3

D) Write a review about your experience, service, and so on.Include location and your recommendation.

google maps review screenshot 4

E) Finally, click on the “Post” button.

google maps review screenshot 5

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