at the end of 2020 will you look back proudly and say i did that

At the end of 2020, will you look back proudly and say ‘I did that’ ?

at the end of 2020 will you look back proudly and say i did that

New Year’s resolutions are an ancient tradition, stretching back millennia. Over 4,000 years ago the Babylonians were the first people to make New Year’s resolutions.

Every year at this time, millions of people make resolutions promising improvements in their lives.

Alcohol will be forsworn, exercise embraced, hobbies sought, healthy eating vowed. It makes sense to respond to the indulgences of Christmas with this sort of healthy catharsis.

the softer side of estate planning podcast by rod genders

Don’t Neglect the Softer Side of Estate Planning

Dont Neglect the Softer Side of Estate Planning

A long time ago (1983 actually), Sean Connery came out of 007 retirement to make an unofficial James Bond movie called Never Say Never Again. In one scene he pretends to be a masseur at a health spa, and suggestively says to Kim Basinger: “Hard or soft … massage?”

This movie-line must have stuck in my brain all these years, because it suddenly seemed like a good way to highlight some important considerations in modern integrated estate planning – Hard or soft … estate plan?

What is the Softer Side of Your Estate Plan?

Identify, document and share your wishes for end-of-life care, the care of your pets, the custodianship of your special assets, who your carers will be, where will you live if you lose your independence, and more.

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The Right to Choose Gains Momentum in South Australia

The Right to Choose Gains Momentum

End of life decisions are filled with emotion, and religious, ethical and philosophical issues ignite debate.

Some form of human euthanasia or assisted suicide is legal in the Netherlands, Belgium, Colombia, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Germany, Japan, Albania and in the US states of Washington, Oregon, Vermont, New Mexico, Montana and California.

Euthanasia is currently illegal in every state and territory of Australia. For a brief period, it once was legal in the Northern Territory, by the Rights of the Terminally Ill Act 1995. However in 1997, the Australian Federal Government overrode the Northern Territory legislation through the introduction of the Euthanasia Laws Act 1997.

Around the world, an increasing number of states and countries are allowing people to choose for themselves.