Prior to moving to Cairns Queensland 21 years ago, Rod Genders (Genders and Partners) assisted us with our first wills. We found him to be highly experienced and professional, so much so that we made the trip back to Adelaide to have Genders update our wills. Fortunately Rod handled our matter again! We required advice to clarify specific issues & problems and the changes in law could have on 21 year old wills. With new wills made, we are very grateful to Rod and the company for bringing us up-to-date. We now have peace of mind, along with a clearer understanding of the will, as we were guided through the complexities and kept informed throughout the process. Thank you Rod for your expertise and understanding.
PS we will be reviewing our wills with you again, but it will be in seven years, not 21 years!! Kind regards

Carol and Jan B.27th March 2017

We appreciated Rod’s down to earth advice, and giving us reasons why we shouldn’t do what we were proposing. Honest, clear advice is essential when organising your affairs, particularly if special needs are involved. Not only legal, but practical! Thanks, Rod.

Mr & Mrs R.B.G6th March 2017

I have known Roderick Genders since his school days … He has looked after my legal affairs for many years, and given excellent service in all matters. I have no hesitation in recommending Roderick for any legal work required.

Mrs V. L. D.14th March 2017

I am very happy with the treatment I received in making my Will with the help from Rod Genders and how he explained everything to me.

Doreen G.9th January 2017

I have recently had the pleasure of meeting with Rod Genders, from Genders & Partners, to formulate my latest Will. I was a repeat-customer because I had had such a positive experience with Rod in the past. My personal circumstances had significantly changed and my Will needed a major update. I had some ideas as to how to formulate my Will but I also knew Rod has immense experience in Estate Planning and I was looking forward to Rod’s input. In a relatively short amount of time, Rod was able to gather all the information required in order to write my Will, Enduring Power of Attorney and Advance Care Directive. Rod was also able to provide me invaluable advice as to how to construct these documents to achieve the best outcome for me and my family. Rod was an absolute pleasure to work with. His services and advice are immaculate. His integrity is beyond reproach. For the incredible knowledge, professionalism and care that Rod provides, the cost of his services is extremely reasonable. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Genders & Partners to anyone who needs to create or update their Will.

Dr Christopher B.8th August 2016

As Executor for my father’s estate in Adelaide (me based in Sydney representing my family whom are located all over Australia), I was initially concerned about managing the process with limited knowledge of probate and the court system. I approached Genders & Partners having read testimonials on the Genders website and was comforted by the professional, informative and friendly manner I received from both Rod & Lyn Genders. The services provided were tremendous with myself and my family understanding at all times the required procedures and progression of the court procedures, documentation and communication was prompt and clear leading to the required outcome with peace of mind. I would highly recommend the Genders & Partners business and thank Rod & Lyn for their support.

Brenton S. & family5th August 2016

Thank you for organising my affairs so quickly and efficiently. Your booklet ‘Plans and Prices’ was so helpful because it was in plain English.

Brenda M.13th June 2016

Rod became our trusted, wise and very capable legal adviser. He has helped us enormously in our times of difficulty and uncertainty, and we are completely confident in accepting his advice and letting him handle our affairs

Liz & John H.10th June 2016

“I have sought the services of Genders & Partners since 1968 and I have always been satisfied with their competent and prompt attention… I thoroughly recommend this firm for legal advice and service.”

Ms Catherine C.20th May 2016

Rod Genders recently gave a presentation on Estate Planning with a special focus on Advance Care Directives, to a gathering of people with Parkinson’s and their family members. This is a very relevant topic for this audience. Rod’s presentation was both clear and comprehensive, dealing with these very complex and sensitive issues in a respectful and accessible manner. He responded sensitively to audience questions and was able to use appropriate humour to engage the group members. The feedback from the presentation was overwhelmingly positive, with several group members now feeling more confident to seek assistance with their Estate Planning. I have no hesitation in referring our clients and Support /Education group leaders to Rod Genders and Genders & Partners for further information and support.

Anne H.24th March 2016