weird probate Issues

Weird Probate Issues Part 10

weird probate Issues

Here we go again. Because our posts Weird Probate Issues and More Weird Probate Issues are so popular, we have decided to keep going with the series … can you believe we are up to Part 10!

The Wills of famous celebrities can teach us some valuable lessons about what NOT to do. It is common for the rich and famous to have estate plans, but celebrities make mistakes too and sometimes they can be costly.

More Weird Probate Issues

weird probate Issues

Making a Will is a serious business, right? It details how you wish your estate to be distributed, who benefits and by how much.

… because our last post Weird Probate Issues was so popular, here we go again …

But we can still chuckle at the efforts of other people when they outrageously stuff-up their own estate plans. (We’ll suppress our schadenfreude with the thought that this is all educational. ‘Schadenfreude’ is the German term for the guilty pleasure derived from another person’s misfortune.)