dividing business assets following divorce

Dividing Business Assets Following Divorce

dividing business assets following divorce

The life of a business owner involves long work hours, travel and utilising all resources (time, energy, money etc) to grow their business.

It is no wonder that the combination of these factors can cause a strain on relationships and in some cases, results in separation.

Separation is never easy, but it can be even more difficult for business owners.

This is because business owners have the added uncertainty of having their jobs (and often livelihoods) tied up in a business that is considered an asset of the relationship.


Wills and Estate Planning Adelaide: Estate Planning for Blended Families – More Important Than Ever

Estate Planning for Blended Families - More Important Than Ever

If you are in a second or subsequent marriage that involves different sets of children, then you have a blended family.

If you are planning to start a new life, and maybe buy a home with your present spouse, then this time around you really need to develop an integrate plan to ensure that all the important people in your life receive their fair share of your assets after you die.  That’s what modern integrated estate planning does.

In most Australian jurisdictions, divorce will invalidate all gifts to an ex-spouse under a Will.  However re-marriage will automatically revoke the entire earlier Will (with only rare exceptions).