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Estate Planning Basics


The thought of creating an estate plan can at first appear intimidating, but if you break down the process into smaller pieces, it will make it more manageable. By taking it step by step, it’s more likely that you’ll be comfortable getting started with the process.

Deciding what goes into an estate plan that fits your life and accomplishes your goals should be done with the help of a lawyer who specialises in estate planning.

Genders and Partners

Rod Genders Podcast Episode #1: What Is Testamentary Capacity?

Rod Genders

Medical science is keeping us alive for longer than ever before, and the Australian population is ageing fast. Dementia already affects approximately 160 000 Australians.

Dementia affects about 10% of those aged over 65 years, and 20% of those over 80 years suffer from severe dementia. Frighteningly, Alzheimer’s Australia says we can expect a 300% increase in the numbers of dementia patients in the next 30 years.

Senior Australian lawyer Rod Genders discusses how mental health affects a person’s legal capacity to make decisions in their own best interests.