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Revised: 27 March 2020

I get it. I’m not a kid any more, and I’m supposed to be grown-up and ‘responsible’. It’s time to “put my affairs in order”.

Thinking about making a Will just isn’t fun. No-one wants to confront their own mortality. And talking to a lawyer is boring – and expensive – right?

Plus I’d have to take time-off work to drive across town to the lawyer’s office. Finding a carpark is always a pain. Plus we’ve now got these COVID-19 restrictions everywhere.

The whole thing is a hassle – and anyway I’m too young to need a Will. I don’t even have that much stuff to leave anyone – aren’t Wills just for gazillionaires or maybe for celebrities who have OD’d?

Who cares if I don’t have a Will – I won’t be here to give a rat’s – so let someone else sort it out after I’m gone.

Besides – I’m gonna spend it all before I go – so they can all just fight over nothing.

Only … I remember all the family stress when Aunty Rhonda died without a Will. Mum was hurt to think her own sister hadn’t cared for her enough to share with her, even after all they’d done for each other. And that shifty gold-digging “boyfriend” sure didn’t deserve to get the house.

I guess I’ve a got a bit saved in my super now, and that carries life-insurance too, now that I think of it. Geez – I’m probably worth more dead than alive!

I suppose I should write something down, just so my stuff doesn’t get nicked by the wrong people – or worse, just end up going to the government.

But I hear these horror stories where people have stuffed-up their home-made Wills by saying the wrong things, and it seems like then the whole litigation-circus just rolls into town, costing everyone a fortune to sort out the mess.

I guess if I am completely honest, I actually do want someone to help me get my affairs in order. I want my family to remember me fondly, and for them to benefit from all my work when I’ve finished enjoying my stuff.

Even if I do choose to make a Will, I don’t want to pay a fortune to some corporate-shark-lawyer so he can have a marble foyer in his high-rise office.

Really, what I want is a wish-list:

  • A lawyer who really knows about Wills;
  • The lawyer has to be down-to-earth – not some pretentious yuppy who talks down to me and uses big words to make them feel important.
  • The lawyer has to come to me at my home or office, and offer appointments after work-hours if I prefer not to take time-off.
  • The cost has to be reasonable – and fixed.
  • And the whole thing needs to be quick and convenient, with a minimum of stress.

We hear you! What you need is the newest initiative from one of the oldest law firms in Australia. It’s called a Remote Will, and it’s available to all Australian residents over the age of 18 years, anywhere in Australia.

A senior Australian lawyer who specialises in Wills & Estates will confer with you personally and confidentially via Skype videoconferencing on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

You’ll be in the privacy of your own home or office – no travel or parking required. After-hours appointments are available.

The lawyer will spend 45-90 minutes with you asking questions, giving advice and taking your instructions.

Then within 2 business days you’ll receive via email your carefully drafted Will – specific and unique to you – together with a clear and easy-to-follow checklist on how to execute (sign) it, to make it valid and binding throughout Australia.

No mess, no fuss – and all for a single low fixed fee.

That’s convenience, peace-of-mind and cost-effectiveness all wrapped-up together in a neat package. It’s called Remote Will, by Genders and Partners Lawyers (established 1848).

To learn more about how to help you protect yourself, your family and your assets, request a free 15 minute telephone consultation with a senior experienced lawyer specialising in Wills.

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