Public Notary Adelaide: Procrastination and Powers of Attorney

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Some people resist creating Powers of Attorney because the concepts of ageing, illness and incapacity are scary and seem unnecessary and too far away when we are well.

But accident & illness are unpredictable, no matter how good you currently feel, and if you have not taken the time to set up a contingency plan prior to your incapacity, then it will be too late and your family will be faced with major difficulties in trying to access your information & documents, to help you and them cope with the consequences of your incapacity.

An Enduring Power of Attorney is a powerful document that allows you to name an agent (called an attorney) to handle legal & financial matters on your behalf. For example, your attorney can deal with Centrelink & Medicare regarding your pension, sign documents to claim on your insurance policies, access your bank accounts, manage your superannuation and any other investments to ensure that your financial well-being is taken care of if you are not able to do so yourself.

A Medical Power of Attorney allows you to name a medical agent or advocate who can make decisions for you when you are medically unable to make decisions in your own best interests. Such decisions may include the type of medical treatment you receive, which hospital or care facility you are placed in when you cannot care for yourself, and your medical agent might also be involved in decisions with regard to removing you from life support (unless you have created an Advance Directive which deals with end-of-life decisions and bypasses all other people including your medical agent).